The Debonair Grooms Guide

Congratulations men, you’ve found your soul mate and they said yes! You’ve booked the venue and have tried more cake flavours than you thought could possibly exist. But now it’s time to starting thinking about you. Your big day will creep up before you know it and you’ll want you and your groomsmen to look top notch standing at the end of that aisle.

Whether you shave, trim or grow out a beard more full than Kahl Drago, we have a few tips to have you looking confident and polished all the way through your big day.


Think Ahead

Everyone knows the bride will be running around planning nail, hair, make up and all other appointments under the sun. But this is your big day too. Think about the way you want your facial hair to look on the day. Beards, hairstyles and trims can complement various different styles and suit combinations. Plan the look you want to be remembered for on your big day and go from there. You won’t want to be trying new styles in the weeks leading up to the main event that will have your significant other looking at you dismay!


Be Prepared

Once you have decided on the look you are going for, stock up on the products that will get you there. Particularly for those going for a more bearded look on the big day. Beard oil helps to not only reduce your beards irritation and dandruff, but it also conditions both the hair and skin for a more hydrated and soft shine. To maximise the effects of this look, a beard comb is always helpful and it’s recommended to start applying the beard oil a couple of weeks before the event to allow it to work it’s true magic.


Suit Up and Shave

For those of you looking for a clean-shaven look, know the order of your morning routine on the big day. Be sure to shave after your shower to allow your pores to open fully and have as close a shave as possible. The day may be long and you want to reduce the appearance of that 5 o’clock shadow as much as you can. Always shave with the grain to decrease the possibility of ingrown hairs, and invest in a high quality shaving brush and cream for a truly moisturised and soft shave.


Don’t Forget About Your Boys 

It won’t be just you standing at the top of that aisle or taking hundreds of pictures that day. Your best man, groomsmen, dad, brother, and friends will want to be looking their best for the pictures to last a lifetime. Need ideas for a groomsmen gift? Next to the miniature Jack Daniels bottle or personalised cuff links, try adding a Debonair for Men Pocket Beard Oil Duo or Hair Styling Pomade that will be sure to have your men complementing your sleek look next to you.


And remember above all to make the most of that big day. Stand tall, look sharp and enjoy stealing the limelight with your new debonair look.

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