Christmas Gifts for Bearded Men

With Christmas well on the way, the chaos begins in trying to buy the right gift for the the right person. Sometimes we can't always get it right with Christmas presents and that can't be avoided all the time, but luckily for you, Debonair are here to make sure that your bearded friends and partners get nothing less than the best this Christmas. So here's an essential list to help you buy that perfect gift for any man.


With the harsh winter approaching, it can be difficult to stop your beard from becoming coarse and dry. Thankfully, our exceptional Deluxe Hydrating Beard Oil Set will leave the coarsest of beards feeling softer, smoother and even fuller in time. Unlike most beard oils, the unavoidable itch that comes with growing a beard will be completely irradiated and it lasts up to 24 hours in protection. The beard you buy for won't be disappointed this Christmas, with a soft and shining beard, infused with a choice of amazing scents; Tobacco and Vanilla, Black Pepper and Bergamot, Sandalwood and of course the signature Debonair for Men scent.


This powerful arsenal of styling products will have any man well equipped this Christmas. And he'll be thankful for you helping him in that.
Produced in an elegant black lint compartment box, Debonair's Deluxe Hair Styling Set comes with 3 luxury hair styling products.

Styling Pomade- also known as 'memory foam for your hair' a styling product in a league of it's own on the market.

Shaping Paste: perfectly designed for curly hair to give volume and bounce, removing the dry wispy look that hair can suffer from in colder months.

And last but not least is our Molding Clay: A strong, yet light wax-based clay for a pushed back, clean and solid hold style.


The essential, professional kit that no bearded Gent' should go without this Christmas. Debonair's Complete Beard Essential Kit will leave any man well equipped for growing, maintaining and moisturising any beard length from stubble to long beards. Inside this suave Debonair For Men container is our own Handcrafted Sandalwood Beard Comb; for training beard hairs to grow in the direction of choice. Our Hydrating Beard Oil aids beard growth and softens rough beards and our Ultra-Strong Moustache Wax to sculpt moustache hairs so that it doesn't grown over the top lip.

This ultimate trio will leave any beard well protected and feeling invincible throughout Christmas and beyond.


A perfectly balanced combination to repair and protect men's hair; Debonair's own Daily Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner set is the epitome of luxury for grooming hair. Formulated to protect the hair from breakage, the shampoo is designed specifically with anti-dandruff properties and has a thick lather that thoroughly cleans and removes dirt and grime throughout. Teamed up with our conditioner, hair will be left feeling incredibly soft and thick, replenishing the natural oils and nutrients our hair craves. Enriched with Argo oil to aid hair in becoming thicker, softer and healthier. Both infused with our signature scent.


Although we're certain the bearded man you're buying for won't be disappointed with any of our products, choosing exactly which one can be difficult. Give them the gift of choosing themselves with a Debonair for Men Gift Card so they can explore what Debonair product is best suited to them this Christmas.

Whatever you choose, gift wrapped by us or not, make sure the man you're buying for this Christmas is getting nothing less than the Debonair for Men treatment.

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