Hair Dye: What you need to know before you take the plunge

Whether you’re trying to change up your look, or wanting to bring back your old one (yes I mean covering up those greys), hair dye is the perfect tool. The colour of your hair really can have a large impact on how your face looks, and your overall appearance.

Whatever you’re trying to achieve with your look, there’s a hair dye to help you get there. Before taking the plunge however, there are some things you ought to consider:

  1. Professional – We understand you wouldn’t be on our site if you didn’t believe how important your hair is; so before buying a DIY kit, think about seeing a professional. Hair colourists do what you are about to attempt to do for a living, and they have plenty of experience. If you go to a good colourist, their result will almost always be better than anything anyone can achieve at home. So if you cannot afford to take the risk, play it safe and book an appointment with a professional.
  2. Cost element – If you want to dye your hair to change your look, it is worth thinking about the cost element involved. If you want to maintain the new look, you will need to regularly dye your hair. To someone who has never dyed their hair before, calculating the cost of this can become daunting – it is another expenditure after all. However, if you really want the look you are picturing in your mind, then the cost will be irrelevant in comparison to the satisfaction you will achieve.
  3. Shade – Something many people are never told about dying their hair is that the colour on the box is not always the colour your hair will become. The outcome of dying your hair will be affected by your hair type and hair colour. For example, if you have black hair and use a light brown hair dye, your hair will not become light brown. You will need to use a much, much lighter colour to strip the black off of your hair (and of course trying to match the perfect colour for your hair is something that a professional will be able to do much more easily).
  4. Tools – To get any job done right, you need to make sure you have the right tools to hand. In this case, the tool you need is a comb. A lot of hair dye kits come with combs to use, but if you don’t have one to hand you can easily find one in most good supermarkets. If you dunk your hair straight into the hair dye, there will be obvious sharp lines when the process is completed. To make it look professional and natural, always use a comb.
  5. Prepare – Make sure you buy more hair dye than you need. One of the worst things that can happen when you attempt to dye your hair yourself, is to run out of hair dye with only half your head covered. Avoid making this rookie mistake – pick up an extra box of hair dye.
  6. Maintenance – At this point, you’ve died your hair and are loving life. What next? Maintenance of course. To keep your hair looking fresh, make sure you use an appropriate shampoo and conditioner designed to take care of dyed hair. Not only will it make your colour last longer, it will also keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.


Of course no look is complete without styling, so once you’ve made it through this list, check out our list of styling products to compliment your new look!


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