Executive Beard Comb

A handcrafted sandalwood flip comb combining style and substance


Buying this as a present for someone?

This handcrafted sandalwood comb is perfect for shaping and detangling beards.

The durable elite comb glides through beards like butter due to the handcrafted nature of it, detangling the beard hairs as it glides through. Each tooth in this comb is handcrafted creating a comb that is completely unmatched in gliding through beard hairs in the most elegant of manners. This luxury comb aids in shaping beards into a full luxurious style that is desired. This comb can help to encourage your hair to grow in the desired direction of choice. This comb is perfect to medium to larger beards due to its larger teeth and ergonomic design, which is unbeatable in detangling straightening out beards. This comb works perfectly with the Debonair For Men Hydrating Beard Oil as it absorbs the oil into the comb which aids in the dispersion of oil from root to tip of beard hair follicles leaving a much healthier, hydrated, detangled beard.

  • Unpackage the Executive Beard Comb and flip out the stylish comb teeth.
  • Glide through your beard hair creating a full and debonair style.

100% Pure Handcrafted Sandalwood

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