5 myths about hair that you probably believe are true

During our lifetime, there are many things that we are raised to believe are true. Whether they impact our general belief system or our day to day lives, there are certain ‘facts’ that we have grown up hearing, which expanding research and understanding has come to enlighten us with the truth.

One topic that seems to be riddled with myths is hair. So without further ado, here are 6 myths about hair that you will believe are true:

  1. Pulling out a grey hair results in growing back several more – Your hair has colour because your hair follicles contain cells called melanocytes that create pigment (colour) in your hair. When the melanocytes stop producing the pigment, your hair loses its colour; resulting in grey hairs. So pulling out one grey hair is not going to affect the cells in your other hair strands. So no, pulling out one grey hair will not result in growing back several grey hairs.
  2. You should wash your hair every day – Contrary to popular belief, washing your hair every single day can actually do more harm than good. By washing your hair every day, you strip your scalp of its natural oils which in the long run can result in drying your hair out even more. Try to leave washing your hair to every two or three days to keep it clean and healthy.
  3. You can train your hair – Just because you blow dry or straighten your hair every day, or try to style it in one specific direction, doesn’t mean that you can ‘train’ it to remain that way. As much as we would love to believe that we can train our hair, it simply isn’t true.
  4. Dandruff is a direct result of having a dry scalp – Dandruff is every hair lover’s nightmare, so it is worth doing a little bit of research on why it occurs. It is assumed by many that dandruff comes from merely having a dry scalp, when in reality there are various different causes. Dandruff can come about by not having a healthy and balanced diet that lacks certain nutrients, over-washing your hair, and sometimes even environmental changes. So if you fall victim to a nasty case of dandruff, assess what you are putting into your body first and the products you are using.
  5. Baldness is from your mum’s side – We’re not sure exactly where this myth came from, but for some reason, most men seem to believe that baldness is from their mum’s side. The truth? Baldness can be genetically passed on from either your mother's or your father’s side of the family. It can even miss out generations.


Sometimes the ‘facts’ that we never think twice about don’t actually end up being correct at all. The key to healthy hair is to do your research and use premium quality products like ours here at Debonair For Men, to take care of it properly.

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